About me

Jánosi Andrea

I was born in Reghin, in 1979. Shortly after, I already started drawing everything, practically everywhere, so my parents decided that they would be better off sending me to learn from professionals. That is how I got to the Art High School in Târgu-Mureş at the age of 14, where, after a little while, I had the opportunity to believe that utmost freedom must undoubtedly mean winning a national subject competition awarded with a prize trip abroad. Today, neither the thought of a completion, nor that of a prize throws me into a fever very much; however, I cannot tell the same about a trip.:)

In 1998, I gained admission to the Ioan Andreescu Academy of Arts in Cluj-Napoca (today: the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca), where I graduated in Art Pedagogy, in 2003. These years really just flew by. :)

In the same year, I was also accepted to the Department of Media of the Sapientia – Hungarian University of Transylvania. Finally, a degree in film direction became the result of this in the terribly hot summer of 2008, at the Art Faculty of the Hyperion University in Bucharest.

In 2008, I also started an MA course at the Media and Communication Department of the Babeş-Bolyai University (which is to be continued).

In the meantime, I signed on for a (student) job at a firm dealing with digital printing, where I have acquired some of the basic rules of copy-editing, how to work fast and accurately, the Romanian language and that one should work in such a place only for a limited period of time :)

Since 2005, I have been the graphic designer of the Cluj University Press – Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca.

As an entrepreneur, I have been dealing with graphic design for about the same time. For a few years, I have also been designing the image of a Transylvanian film portal called Filmtett.

My "career" as an illustrator started in 2007 with a book entitled Kincses Képeskönyv – Kolozsvár [The Treasure Book of Cluj-Napoca] due to the commission of the publishing houses Projectograph and Koinónia. This series was born under a lucky constellation, as it had six volumes in five years, introducing four different cities in the form of over fifty illustrations each, as far as my work is concerned :)

In 2010, for the commission of the Koinónia Publishing House, I illustrated the Volt egyszer egy kis zsidó [Once upon a time, there was a little Jew] Yiddish folk poetry selection, translated into Hungarian by Sándor Kányádi.

In 2012, I also illustrated the Hungarian translation (trans. by Júlia Vallasek) of a children's story-book by Voicu Bojan entitled Hörcsögmesék [Hamster Tales].

In 2010, I also did the graphic works of Cecília Felméri's successful animation film Mátyás, Mátyás [Mathias, Mathias], which has received more national and international awards.

In the rest of my time, I work on various projects, some started recently and some a long time ago, sometimes I draw a coat just for fun :), or spend time with my cat, raise a turtle and decorate my flat. I do not write a blog, and little do I post at Facebook, because I intend to keep all my other interests, passions and annoyances... for a closer public :)